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No Repaint TMA Slope Review

You guys are missing the purpose of the indicator and what it’s telling you. In each of the illustrations the bars are on top of the zero line telling you it’s acquiring associate degree up direction. therefore there’s not a repaint issue. The bars modification as a result of the strength of the move modified NOT ITS DIRECTION. so what it’s telling you is valid. In each pics in his illustration it showed the angle of the TMA goes up. With the movement continued up it stony-broke the last swing high that the bars captive on top of the four line properly telling you its strength. If you perceive the indicator which it’s not the everyday bar chart of MACD, et al. wherever downward slope of the bars indicates modification of direction, that’s not true of this indicator. Being on top of the zero line indicates upward movement and the way way the bars move from the zero line indicates the strength of the move.

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You must perceive however the indicator works. this can be not a repaint issue and that i would like you guys would throw that term into the trash. The indicator did precisely what it’s suppose to try and do. 1. value is moving up as a result of it’s on top of the road. 2. the move is obtaining stronger as a result of the bars ar moving up. 3. the current reading is correct at the instant of reading, 1st pic the move has x angle. 4. the rear check reading is correct as a result of that’s what it did over the amount of your time. You then will compare it with the S/R lines and see however strength of the bar shows however robust it’ll move aloof from the S/R/Pivot lines. that’s however you utilize it. it’s completely nothing to try and do with repainting each photos tell you in real time the precise strength of the move at the instant and over the amount of your time. once value was below its swing high or beneath the R line it showed a coffee angle.

No repaint TMA slope

When value captive on top of it showed it absolutely was a part of a robust angle. each pics ar correct. during a back check you see precisely the move because it vie out. In real time you see precisely that value is moving up and what its strength is at the instant. That strength will and will modification and permits you to grasp whether or not to remain or leave the trade.