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Forex Guru Scam

Forex Guru Scam is huge SCAM! They took my cash by mercantilism againts the market.
They open several position, and after I warn them, they closed the position and caused Pine Tree State expertise an enormous loss. don’t trade with them!

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Don’t waste some time on many shit they spew from their mouth..
These square measure marketeers not traders. They shudder after they see real hardcore traders enter, smack their heads and spilling their guts …You’ll do a lot of far better learning the trade from a true monger Teh.

Forex Guru

The only advantage in forex is that the leverage 1:100 id est. using USD1,000 to shop for a USD100,000 deal/contract/trade. If you’ll be able to do share margin finance, then you’re on level field with forex. FORGET THIS “MARKETING” GUY AND TRUST YOURSELF AND notice somebody UN agency SPEAKS LESS AND will a lot of. Trade neatly, my friends.