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Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm Product

Decoding The Hidden Market Rhythm Product

The book introduces correlations between markets and external energy cycles like gravity and geomagnetism. Digital signal process techniques area unit accustomed reverse engineer Gann’s master cycles, leading to a 100% mechanical cycle-based commercialism system that has shown a combined rate of two hundredth p.a. over the last thirty years once back-tested exploitation the Dow.

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In addition, the book introduces new non-linear indicators and reviews the importance of a cyclic sentiment predictor for the Dow-Jones Industrial Average Industrial Average Index. to it finish, exploitation daily knowledge covering the amount from 1935 to 2013, ancient cycles area unit condidered as predictors to forecast daily sentiment for years prior to time.

Decoding the hidden market rhythm

Forecasts planned as non-linear prophetic indicators area unit conferred and reworked into a mechanical commercialism rule whose gain has been evaluated against the majormarkets buy-and-hold strategy. The results counsel that commercialism supported revenant sentiment considerably outperforms the markets in nearly all performance metrics, together with web come back, gain, and Sharpe quantitative relation.